SANEM’s first video documentary on “Female Labor Force Participation in Bangladesh”

SANEM is pleased to share its first video documentary on “Female Labor Force Participation in Bangladesh”, which is an embodiment of SANEM’s current research work on the dynamics of female labor force participation.

The video discusses about the overall scenario of female LFP in Bangladesh, the transition in female LFP since 1990; and issues and determinants of FLFP. Dr. Selim Raihan (Executive Director, SANEM) speaks about the factors determining female’s participation in the labor force, the factors hindering FLFP in our country and some policy implications to improve female LFP in Bangladesh. Ms. Simeen Mahmud (Coordinator, CGST, BIGD, BRAC University) talks about the changes in FLFP and the policies that should be taken to improve female labor force participation in Bangladesh. Dr. Sayema Haque Bidisha (Associate Professor, Dept. of Economics, University of Dhaka) talks about the current scenario of female in unpaid labor in our country. She emphasizes on the findings from the recent study on female in unpaid work that was conducted as part of SANEM’s intensive research work.