Thinking Aloud: Volume VI, Issue 8: January 1, 2020


This January 2020 issue of Thinking Aloud comes with the theme “Challenges of Achieving SDGs in Developing Countries”. The first article “The SDG Costing Exercise and Financing Challenges in Developing countries” reinforces that achieving SDGs requires systemic changes in the attitude and mechanisms in developing countries that govern and channel financing. It also demands to exploit the potential options of scaling-up and diversifying financing opportunities commensurate in magnitude with the ambition articulated in the SDGs. The second and third pages of this issue present three articles. The article titled “SDG and Gender Equality: How Far Bangladesh has Achieved?” stresses that although the country has argued to have accomplished well in terms of a number of socio-economic indicators and ranked as top among the South Asian countries in Gender Gap Index 2020 of the World Economic Forum with 50th position among 153 countries, there remains a number of concerns in the context of violence against women, early marriage, access to resources etc.  The article titled “Rethinking the Private Sector Engagement in Achieving the SDGs” emphasizes that to attain the SDGs, more engagement of private sector and re-orientation of interaction among public and private actors in a system are prerequisites. The article on “Towards an Equitable Food Market Through AMIS” advocates for improvements in AMIS since AMIS has the potential to make food more affordable for consumers and more profitable for farmers. Therefore, with the development of efficient AMIS, food prices can be managed in a way that benefits everyone. The final page draws attention to the events that took place in the month of December. SANEM and the editor’s desk wishes its well-wishers and readers a” Happy New Year”!

Link: Thinking Aloud: Volume VI, Issue 8: January 1, 2020