Thinking Aloud: Volume V, Issue 10: March 1, 2019


This March 2019 issue of Thinking Aloud has been dedicated to cover the news of the 4th SANEM Annual Economists’ Conference (SAEC) 2019 on “Governing New Challenges: Inclusive Development, Trade, and Finance”. The first-page article on “Governing emerging development challenges: A South Asian perspective” highlights four major challenges, confronted by the South Asian countries, related to inclusive development, global and regional trade integration, financing development programmes, and politics of development. The article argues that the 2030 Development Agenda has created new opportunities for the South Asian countries to get their development trajectories ‘right’.

The second, third and fourth pages present brief summaries of different sessions of the 4th SAEC. The conference started with the inaugural session which was followed by three breakout sessions on ‘Macroeconomic Policies’, ‘Environment and Climate Change’ and ‘Trade and Development’. The breakout sessions were followed by a panel discussion on ‘Governing New Challenges: Inclusive Development, Trade and Finance – A South Asian Perspective’. The breakout sessions 4 and 5 were on ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ and ‘Poverty and Inequality’ respectively. There was a special session for budding researchers. On the first day of the 4th SAEC, SANEM organized a special session to honour the life and work of Professor Wahiduddin Mahmud. The second day of the 4th SAEC started with a SANEM-BIGD session on ‘Evidence For Policy: BRAC’S TUP Programme’. This was followed by a session on ‘Labour Market and Employment Challenges: A Special Session Remembering Ms Simeen Mahmud’. There were two other sessions with panel discussions on ‘Politics of Development’, and ‘Tariff Rationalization for Export Diversification in Bangladesh’. In addition to the sessions on different contemporary issues, there was a special session titled “Honouring Economists of Influence”, and a special lecture by Dr. Tanweer Akram.

Link: Thinking Aloud: Volume V, Issue 10: March 1, 2019