Thinking Aloud: Volume IV, Issue 1: June 1, 2017


This June, Thinking Aloud celebrates its 3rd anniversary: a milestone for the monthly economic digest published by SANEM. Envisioned as a chronicle of the contemporary economic contexts, SANEM’s Thinking Aloud set sail in June 2014. Since the beginning of its journey, 36 issues later, Thinking Aloud has successfully made a vibrant resonance in the development discourse in South Asia and beyond. Today, it is distributed among the researchers, policy makers and enthusiasts around the world. This digest offers a unique platform for young researchers to voice their thoughts on different socio-economic issues. Each issue presents articles on different themes backed by rigorous theoretical and empirical researches, reviews of publications, and interviews of eminent personalities from all over the world.

This issue of Thinking aloud comes with the theme of “Growth Dynamics in South Asia”. The first article titled “Can Bangladesh continue to grow without ‘good governance’?” emphasizes that Bangladesh can continue to growth without so-called ‘good governance’ until the political capital, generated around the current drivers of growth, continue to yield returns. The second article, “Drivers of economic growth in South Asia”, explores the major drivers of economic growth in five South Asian countries. The article suggests that for further growth acceleration and sustaining high growth rates, the South Asian countries need to invest quite significantly on the improvement in human capital, foster their exports through export diversification policies, take measures for access to finance at lower costs along with better infrastructures and better performing institutions, magnify the role of remittances through necessary steps and take promotional measures for attracting FDI. In the featured interview, Dr. Sabyasachi Kar, Professor at the Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi, India, identifies the driving factors behind the recent growth performance of India. The fourth page covers the events that took place during May 2017.

Link: Thinking Aloud: Volume IV, Issue 1: June 1, 2017