SANEM starts publishing “Thinking Aloud”


SANEM has started publishing a monthly newsletter Thinking Aloud from June 1, 2014. Thinking Aloud will focus on the themes and issues related SANEM’s ongoing research and activities. It will try to present to its readers short articles, interviews, reviews of publications and events. The first issue focuses on some relevant topics related to the labor market in Bangladesh. The short article on the future of the manufacturing sector in Bangladesh highlights the significance of a diversified manufacturing sector for sustained economic growth and employment generation in Bangladesh, and suggests to deal with the related policy induced and supply side constraints. The second short article underscores the importance of social protection programs for the growing labor force in Bangladesh, both in the rural and urban areas. The short macroeconomic update of the Bangladesh economy presents the trends in the major macroeconomic variables. An interview with a domestic migrant worker shows the diversified life of the domestic migrant workers in Bangladesh. A short story on the Rana Plaza incident highlights the importance of an appropriate approach to consolidate and safeguard the readymade garment industry in the country.

Download the issue: