Raihan S. (Ed). (2017). Let’s Think Aloud, Shall We?. Dhaka, SANEM Publications


This book titled Let’s Think Aloud, Shall We? is a compilation of the articles and interviews published in SANEM’s monthly digest Thinking Aloud. SANEM’s Thinking Aloud embarked its journey in June, 2014. The inception of Thinking Aloud coined with the intention to address contemporary economic problems of Bangladesh and other developing countries that need persistent attention from several angles and perspectives. Over the years, it has presented articles backed by rigorous theoretical and empirical researches, reviews of publications, and interviews of eminent personalities from home and abroad. This book covers a wide range of contemporary economic issues in the areas of macro economy, growth, poverty, regional integration, foreign direct investment, labor market, sustainable development goals (SDGs), and political economy.

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