Dr. Saman Kelegama at the SANEM office

DSC_0653Dr. Saman Kelegama, Executive Director, Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka visited SANEM office on Wednesday, 5 May 2014. Research Associates of SANEM explained their ongoing research involvement and discussed research themes with him. Dr. Kelegama shared his valuable experience regarding the development and long run sustainability of economic think tanks. He expressed his sincere appreciation on the institutional capacity and expertise of SANEM in economic modeling precisely in the econometrics, CGE and SAM.

DSC_0658It was a great honor for SANEM members to have Dr. Saman Kelegama among them. He emphasized on further interaction of IPS and SANEM in various ways. The executive directors of SANEM and IPS agreed upon exchanging their research persons for sharing knowledge in various research issues which would promote regional institutional collaboration.

SANEM and IPS will look forward for this matter.