Call for application for the position of Communication Assistant/Associate

Call for application for the position of Communication Assistant/Associate

SANEM is one of the leading think-tanks in South Asia initiated to build a network of economists and policy makers in South Asia. SANEM aims to promote the production, exchange and dissemination of basic research knowledge with a special focus on economic modeling in the areas of international trade and regional integration, poverty, inequality and growth, labor market, environment and climate change, political economy and governance, human capital development, sustainable development goals and financial economics. SANEM contribute in governments’ policy-making by providing research support both at individual and organizational capacities. Since its inception, SANEM has maintained strong research collaboration with global, regional and local think-tanks, research and development organizations, universities and individual researchers. SANEM promotes young researchers from Economics, Business, and Social Sciences background to undertake independent research works on contemporary issues through its Annual Economists Conference and regular internship program for university graduates. Also, it arranges regular training and workshops through its capacity building programs on economic modeling and contemporary economic issues for participants of South Asia.

SANEM is looking for Social Sciences/Mass Communication Studies graduates with strong motivation in knowledge management, development communication, media relations management and event organizing for the position of Communication Assistant/Associate.

Required qualifications

1. Strong command over reading, speaking and writing in English is a must.
2. The applicant for Communication Assistant position must complete Honors degree, for Communication Associate position applicant must complete Honors and Master’s degree.
3. Must be skilled in preparing event plans and checklist, rapporteuring, transcripting, media and press briefing writing.
4. Good understanding of relations with Electronic, Online and Print media houses.
5. Ability to arrange, organize and support dialogue, dissemination, media briefing, workshop and training sessions.
6. Basic understandings about the tasks (pre-event, during event and post-event) of international conferences in the field of academia and Economics research.
7. Strong understanding of social media platforms administering (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube).
8. Sound knowledge of MS Office applications.
9. Excellent presentation and interpersonal skills.


1. Masters in Development Studies, Economics, International Relations and Mass Communication and Journalism.
2. Relevant professional experience.
3. Photography and video editing expertise.
4. Experience of voluntary social work or working with voluntary organizations.
5. Experience in facilitating dialogue, dissemination, media briefing, training, workshops and other forms of capacity building activities.
6. Experience in partner management (research organizations, government and non-government organizations and media houses).
7. Strong commitment to the values of accountability and work ethics.

SANEM offers a competitive salary and excellent working environment that promote learning and knowledge sharing. SANEM is an equal opportunity employer.

Interested candidates are requested to send an application along with a motivation letter (500 words) and detailed CV by 10 September 2018 to

Selected candidates will be asked to appear for assessment shortly.