ARTNeT Conference, 22-23 September, 2014, Bangkok


ARTNeT and ESCAP, with support from IDRC Canada, organized the Asia-Pacific Economists’ Conference on “Trade in the Asian century- delivering on the promise of economic prosperity” on 22-23 September, 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand. The conference was part of ARTNeT’s 10th anniversary celebration. Sessions of the conference included “International trade research agenda advances over the last decade and ARTNeT responses”, “Perspectives on Global development 2014: Boosting Productivity to meet the middle-Income Challenge (OECD)”, “Empirical trade analysis”, “Food security and trade”, “Services trade and links to global value chains”, “FDI and Development” and “Economic reforms and opening in LDCs”, “Regional integration” and “Trade inclusiveness and inequality”. Dr. Selim Raihan (Executive Director, SANEM and Professor of Economics, University of Dhaka) presented a paper on “South-South Trade: A Quantitative Assessment” in the session on “Empirical trade analysis”. In his presentation, Dr. Raihan discussed about the rise of the South in international trade with empirical analysis. He analyzed the trend in the South-South trade using different country groups: all South, LDCs, SVEs, emerging South, South excluding emerging South and North. Additionally, the presentation also included the factors that determine South-South trade. Dr. Raihan presented the regression results of basic gravity models, augmented gravity models and welfare effects of preferential and free trade scenarios among South using CGE models.