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Welcome Message

SANEM, launched in January 2007 in Dhaka, is a non-profit research organization registered with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms in Bangladesh. It is also a network of economists and policy makers in South Asia with a special emphasis on economic modeling. SANEM aims to promote the production, exchange and dissemination of basic research knowledge in the areas of international trade, macro economy, poverty, labor market, environment, political economy and economic modeling. It seeks to produce objective, high quality, country- and South Asian region-specific policy and thematic research. SANEM contributes in governments’ policy-making by providing research supports both at individual and organizational capacities. SANEM has maintained strong research collaboration with global, regional and local think-tanks, research and development organizations, universities and individual researchers. SANEM promotes young researchers from Economics, Business and Social Sciences to undertake independent research works on contemporary issues. SANEM has an internship program in place for fresh university graduates. SANEM arranges regular training programs on economic modeling and contemporary economic issues for both Bangladeshi and other South Asian participants.

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